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Hi, I'm Eva,

I help small business owners select and set up the right web-based software to grow their businesses without feeling overwhelmed.

I build simple, beautiful sites that clearly communicate your brand and value proposition to drive sales. Then I make sure you understand how your site works and can add and edit content confidently.

If you need more than a static site; I can also help choose, set up and integrate web software to manage inventory, accounting, POS, web payments, shipping, and more. I'll make sure all your systems can talk to each other so you don't have to spend your time copying data from one place to the next.

Off the clock, I love to run trails, climb rocks, play board games and bake cookies.

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- Website Design - Web Software Selection, Implementation & Integration - Copywriting -

























Hey, I'm James,

I’m a mechanical engineer who helps people with product ideas create functional and looks-like prototypes to test their ideas and move one step closer to bringing their idea to market.

I rapidly prototype products using a combination of tools including 3D printers, laser cutters, arduino electronic components, and traditional hand tools.

If you have an idea that has been sitting in a sketchbook or in the back of your mind for months or years, then let’s talk about how to turn your dream into reality. Reach out and we can set up a time to talk about your idea at no cost.



- Mechanical Engineering - Prototyping - Design for Manufacture -